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 Careless Driving

Careless driving is arguably one of the most serious charges under the Highway Traffic Act.I personally think it’s laid far...

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 Stunt Driving

Given the seriousness of the charge, YOU SHOULD DEFEND IT! We have a lot of experience doing Stunt Driving and Racing charges...

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 Drive Suspension

Hold on tight because this is the charge to worry about. A conviction for drive under suspension carries a minimum fine of $1,000up to $10,000.

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 No Insurance

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Some Great Content

by Frank Alfano  Comments (0)
Hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend. Mine is off to a great start. My subscribers are made up of clients, prospective clients, and colleagues. What began as an effort to educate both the people...

You Gotta Have a Plan, Man!

by Jamie Collins  Comments (0)
Reprinted with permission from Jamie Collins, an American Paralegal, inspired legal columnist, and popular blogger, as previously published on her LinkedIn profile: When I leave work tonight, I am going to deliver myself to my...


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Jeff Blake
Jeff Blake

Company 2

Frank Alfano, Paralegal
Frank Alfano

Frank began his paralegal career in 1990 when he was working in a law firm.

Doug McKee Headshot - Traffic Ticket Paralegal
Doug McKee

Doug McKee served with the Hamilton Police Service for 13 years.

Con Gabriel - Traffic Ticket Paralegal
Con Gabriel

Con Gabriel is the owner and Paralegal at GPS Law in Newmarket.

Ashley Alfano
Ashley Alfano

Ashley has been spending time in a courtroom since was born.


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