Hiding Justice of the Peace Complaints

In an article published by the star, it seems that the stats are being withheld from us.

As someone who is in a Provincial Offences court almost every day and who appears before Justices of the Peace, I see a lot of good work but a small bit of what we refer to as judgeitis. A Justice of the Peace has no common law jurisdiction. Their authority comes from a statute. If a statute does not permit them to do something, they can’t do it. (Something to keep in mind if you bring an application seeking a remedy which isn’t codified.)

I agree with James Morton’s comments in the article. As someone who has filed complaints on behalf of either a client or the Ontario Provincial Offences Advocacy Group (O.P.O.A.G.), the results were well within what I would have expected.

While I agree that the system works however, could it also be that the province is a big place and my limited view of the system makes me uninformed. Probably. So here it is. Share in the comments below any good and bad experiences you’ve had with a J.P. Please be polite, don’t out them. The only thing adversarial should be cases we try. This isn’t a witch hunt but a fact finding mission or even perhaps a sharing of battle scars.

And 3…..2…..1…. GO!

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