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Traffic Ticket Paralegal is made up of a team of independent paralegals and independent lawyers who aim to win your Traffic Ticket or Criminal case. Our practices are in Toronto, Burlington and Hamilton. We have affiliates for outside those cities.

Our Team  will defend you using every legal argument available. Where other firms will plead guilty to save you points, we will do our very best to win your case. We are driven by a results oriented approach to Traffic Ticket litigation.

Insurance Premiums are high enough already. Even minor convictions can affect your premiums. That’s why we focus on every aspect of your Traffic Ticket case. We will analyze all aspects of your case and help keep your insurance premiums as low as we can.

We try to focus on quality over quantity. In many cases, you can help yourself. To that end, we have put a lot of resources in our website to help you, educate you, and keep you informed

about Traffic Tickets. This also makes our job easier if you decide you want to hire us.

So take a look around and feel free to ask any question, any time.

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