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Information Picture - Traffic Ticket ParalegalIt seems us paralegals have only one publication and lately I feel like I’m just reading what company was fined what. Yesterday was a regurgitation of the Lippa decision which seemed to spark some debate except that decision was 18 months ago and well… The debate is as if it was yesterday. I have great respect for the publisher but I also think we could all use some choice, fresh content and something to get excited to read. We could also use a publication which has articles and stories by many people.

So I offer this. Paralegal Blawg. The concept I envision is an online publication where anyone can write. We reserve the right to edit but if you write something relevant, we will publish it.

We are completely free. Writing an article means maintaining your listing in our authors directory. Through this directory we can promote your website. We will also give anyone who writes for us a @paralegalblawg.com email address.

As we’re not charging people to read, nor paying anyone to write, it’s a fantastic way for people to network, learn, share and stay connected.

Let me know your thoughts…

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