Advising Picture - Traffic Ticket ParalegalThere is a whole web of information when you’re doing research yo fight your Traffic Ticket. Over the next few months, we will be putting everything you need to know to try and fight the ticket yourself. While it’s always best to have a professional represent you, if you wanted to represent yourself, we will try and provide as much information as we can.

Some of the things we’re currently adding:

  • Every Traffic Court in the Province
  • Practice Directions for Specific Jurisdictions
  • Forms
  • Information on How to order Disclosure, File your Charter Application and how to change a date
  • Legal Definitions
  • Classifications
  • Elements of Offences (What does the prosecution have to prove)
  • Some tips on examining Witnesses
  • Useful Links
  • And so much more.

Keep popping by to see what we add each and every week!

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